About us

The office of "Elad Zeira – Real Estate Appraisal" was established by Elad Zeira, a certified real estate appraiser. Mr. Zeira is a member of its "Real Estate Appraisers Association" and a member of the Jerusalem branch committee of the association.

The appraisers, Elad Zeira, an expert witness by the court, has expertise in many areas of assessment such as commercial and mortgage evaluations for leading banks, land betterment taxation, expropriation compensation, and working with many different municipalities.

Our firm specializes in providing real estate appraisal services in and around Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the center of the country. Our expertise in the real estate world is based on comprehensive professional experience and extensive studies. Mr. Zeira acquired his degree from extensive studies at the appraisal valuation study program combined with a BA in Economics and Business Administration, at the University of Ariel.

The firm regularly employs real estate appraisers who specialize in different areas of the country and connects between our clients and other professionals in the area such as lawyers, economists, brokers, financial advisors, engineers, tax consultants and more. The firm provides real estate appraisal services both for the business and the private sector.

The firm is working to meet all its customer's needs. We believe that credibility and personal attention are as important as knowledge and professionalism.

The appareisers at "Elad Zeira – Real Estate Appraisal" office, focus their activities in the private sector, specializing in the following areas:

• Market valuation before buying or selling real estate assets such as apartments, private homes, offices, commercial and industrial buildings, hotels, gas stations, event halls, nursing homes and the like.

• Evaluation of the market value for land for different uses.

• The estimated rent and proper usage fees.

• A property evaluation before purchasing, including asset identification and the status of planning.

• Appraising for the purpose of estimating the value of the land compensation for expropriation of land for public purposes, and for the depreciation of land (under Section 197).

• Valuations of assets for protected tenants – value, ownership rights, the protected tenant rights and evacuations fee.

Amortization of capital gains taxes and tax praise, including assessments require testing by the Authority.

• Objections to the payment demands of the Israel Land Authority – agreement fees, permit fees, capitalization and advice on payments.

• Appreciation for the purchase of common property such as the roof, courtyard and parking.

• Valuation of assets for distribution of inheritance and estates.

• Valuation of assets for the purpose of dismantling sharing land.

• Tables balance – consolidation and a new division, including testing of these tables for the customer.

• Valuations by the accounting standard – IFRS

The firm's clients include: real estate companies, individuals, private developers, brokers, attorneys, and more.

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